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News for 2020

Since returning to New Zealand I have thought a lot about how New Zealand is evolving and how this impacts my sense of place. New bungalows are replacing the farm houses of old and smallholdings are giving way to corporate farming. The rural landscape is changing. My latest New Zealand works are ink drawings which capture the legacy of this landscape. I see a tainted nostalgia in uninhabited buildings which still intrude on the landscape as they gradually decline and fall into disrepair. These timber skeletons  are becoming our graveyard of history, they remind us of the past and speak volumes about our future.

With the ink series completed I am now focussing on further developing this theme into a series of oil paintings. Watch this space!
News for 2019

At the start of this year my husband and I made the mammoth decision to return to New Zealand, after 18 good years in the UK. We both love New Zealand and it was always our intention to return at some stage in our lives.

As a result, I have permanently closed my studio in Llantwit Major and I am fully relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand. I now have a large studio at my home which will be a great space to work in.

The New Zealand landscape is many things, daunting, bold, bright, majestic and I love it. I will not be short of inspiration and already I am finding many things to inspire me. I am already starting to develop my vision and a new direction of travel for my work. So please watch this space.

Current exhibitions

I am not currently exhibiting in New Zealand but hope this will soon change now I have established a body of regional work.
Some of my Welsh landscapes remain represented at the Off the Wall gallery in Llandaff, Cardiff.