Welcome to the home page of my virtual gallery. I hope that you enjoy my portfolio and should you wish to purchase an art work this can be arranged!

About me

My name is Jane Coombs. I was born in Newport, South Wales and grew up close by in a town called Barry. I am married to a Kiwi and we have spent most of our adult lives working and living in various locations in New Zealand and the UK. Over the years we have lived and worked in Christchurch, New Zealand, London, England and Barry, Wales.

At the start of 2018 my husband and I returned to live permanently in New Zealand and we have set up our new home in Queenstown. My love of painting has been a constant throughout our travels.

About my art 

I have always enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors and the solitude of the countryside. I have hiked, biked and kayaked in some spectacular locations but I need to feel a true connection with a place before I feel ready to paint it. The mountains of the South Island of New Zealand and the national parks of Wales have been such places for me.

I see a special beauty in a landscape which can, against all the odds, retain a wild element. I seek to reflect what I consider to be the infinity and resilience of nature in my oil paintings, despite our lasting impact on that environment.

My time spent in London saw my art moving in a different direction as I sought to interpret the austerity and loneliness of the City. I spent days commuting to work and weekends visiting street markets. I painted what I saw out of the train window every day and graffiti became a recurring theme in my urban landscapes. I began to experiment with character drawings of the people I observed in the street markets of London and, once again, I found black acrylic ink to be a perfect medium for this series of work.

Since returning to New Zealand I have taken my time to reconnect with the country, all that I love about it and what it means to me. Once again I have turned to acrylic ink and oil as my mediums of choice. I have just completed my latest series of New Zealand landscapes, which I have entitled "Broken fences, weatherboard dreams".

I find that I focus in on recurring themes, shapes and patterns which capture the essence of what a place means to me. This often means that I work in series with multiple paintings being produced before I feel satisfied with my exploration of the subject matter.